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BlackRock Approves 100% With Sec Bitcoin Spot Market Exposure on Wall Street

Ysaac Lacerda August 11, 2022

The institutional-investor-focused spot bitcoin private trust will track the price of the cryptocurrency.

Reddit Partners with FTX to Allow ETH Gas Fee Payment with Community Points

Ysaac Lacerda August 10, 2022

With the new integration, Reddit users will be able to buy Ether from supported Reddit apps through FTX's payment and exchange infrastructure platform, FTX Pay.

MercadoLibre will expand cryptocurrency buying and selling services throughout Latin America

Ysaac Lacerda August 10, 2022

The e-commerce giant started offering services for buying and selling Bitcoin and Ethereum in Brazil at the end of last year and today it already serves more than one million users.

Bitcoin exchanges will not be 'swallowed' by banks selling cryptocurrencies, Bitget report points out

Ysaac Lacerda August 08, 2022

Bitget report points out that cryptocurrency companies should soon offer investment services linked to the traditional market, such as equity derivatives, as Binance did with Tesla

Regulation is proof that Bitcoin won the world, says expert

Ysaac Lacerda August 05, 2022

Expert points out that countries proposing rules to regulate Bitcoin proves that cryptocurrencies are here to stay

Elo launches innovation program for Brazilian startups focused on cryptocurrencies, DeFi and the metaverse

Ysaac Lacerda August 04, 2022

Elo Conecta is a connection program with startups to increase the efficiency and security of financial transactions with products and services developed in Brazil.

Stock Car Embraces Cryptocurrencies and Announces Exclusive NFT Collection at Polygon

Ysaac Lacerda August 04, 2022

Stock Car has announced a partnership with TresPontoZero.io to launch the first collection of exclusive NFTs that will be built on Polygon

Ethereum overtakes Bitcoin in the options market for the first time in history

Ysaac Lacerda August 02, 2022

Traders are bullish on cryptocurrency because of “Merge”, important project update

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