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PicPay wants to offer Bitcoin credits and facilitate payment methods

Ysaac Lacerda July 13, 2022

PicPay wants to lead the market and its adoption in Brazil.

Middle Eastern Monarchies May Adopt Bitcoin Soon

Ysaac Lacerda July 12, 2022

Prince Philip of Serbia and Yugoslavia said in a podcast that it is very likely that monarchies in Middle Eastern countries will be interested in adopting Bitcoin.

Itaú Cultural wants to know the metaverse using cryptocurrencies in Brazil

Ysaac Lacerda July 12, 2022

Companies will be able to present metaverses to the largest bank in Latin America.

Rockefeller President Reiterates That Bitcoin Has a Unique Opportunity

Ysaac Lacerda July 11, 2022

For Ruchir Sharma, president of Rockefeller International, the dollar era may be coming to an end. After all, the currency has been occupying this “position” for more than 100 years.

Project that regulates Bitcoin in Brazil must undergo further changes and is removed from the Chamber's agenda

Ysaac Lacerda July 11, 2022

Text that establishes the framework for the regulation of cryptocurrencies in Brazil is removed from the agenda of the Chamber of Deputies and must undergo changes

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