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What is Web 3.0 and how does it relate to the cryptocurrency market

Emanuela Lima June 10, 2022

The internet is undergoing a new makeover, called Web 3.0. Check out InfoMoney's guide on the subject

Paypal will allow withdrawal of Bitcoin (BTC) and cryptocurrencies

Emanuela Lima June 09, 2022

PayPal announced on Tuesday that its users can now transfer bitcoin and other crypto assets from its platform, a feature long-awaited by the company's customers.

Mastercard partners with Mercado Livre for security in cryptocurrency operations

Emanuela Lima June 09, 2022

Mastercard has entered into a partnership with Mercado Livre to strengthen the security of cryptocurrency operations carried out on the e-commerce platform.

Cryptocurrencies are part of an irreversible movement to tokenize the economy, says BC president

Emanuela Lima June 07, 2022

Widely known as an advocate of innovation in finance, Roberto Campos Neto spoke about the tokenization of the economy during the opening panel of the event

Brazilian banks will be able to issue digital currencies linked to the digital Real

Emanuela Lima June 07, 2022

New mechanism being studied by BC for national digital currency.

Brazilian biorefinery incorporates blockchain in its sugar production chain

Helena Moura June 03, 2022

Company from Mato Grosso announced the use of disruptive technology in all stages of the product.

Russian central bank signals agreement on cryptocurrency law revisions, report says

Emanuela Lima June 03, 2022

A senior Russian central bank official told a news conference that the monetary authority will allow foreign trade in cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin returns to the top 10 in the list of most valuable assets in the world

Helena Moura June 02, 2022

List of the world's largest assets by market cap brings together stocks, ETFs, cryptoassets and precious metals; traded above $30,000, bitcoin returns to the top 10

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