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How to protect yourself from the volatility of the Crypto Assets Market? Know more...

Helena Moura June 01, 2022

COO Gabriel Nascimento of Xland Holding gives tips on cryptocurrency changes.

Eight of the 10 Formula 1 teams have a cryptocurrency-related sponsor

Helena Moura May 30, 2022

"Crypto is a huge industry. It is clearly here to stay and is a huge part of the economic future," said Zak Brown, CEO of McLaren Racing.

Art galleries operate on blockchain to display NFTs and record sales history

Helena Moura May 30, 2022

Companies in the sector pointed out that the biggest problems are digital arts being backed by cryptocurrencies

Patience and focus: expert says cryptocurrency decline is not a reason for despair, but for caution

Helena Moura May 27, 2022

Investor suggested that crypto volatility could hamper investors who expect short-term returns, with no patience for long-term returns.

'Mass adoption of cryptocurrencies will happen sooner or later', says Mastercard exec

Helena Moura May 27, 2022

The company’s vice president of new product development and innovation, Harold Bossé, said cryptocurrencies “have to become invisible” as part of the financial gear to really become popular

Cryptocurrencies: learn what changes after the approval of the Bill that regulates this market

Helena Moura May 26, 2022

COO of Xland Holding explains what can change in the purchase and sale of these assets

IMF maintains contact with El Salvador on Bitcoin (BTC) adoption, reveals insider

Helena Moura May 25, 2022

Although the International Monetary Fund disagreed with El Salvador's adoption of Bitcoin (BTC), the institution still holds regular conversations with representatives of the Salvadoran government.

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