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Intel Starts Delivering Bitcoin Mining Equipment

Ysaac Lacerda July 04, 2022

The company announced that it was developing Blockscale ASIC equipment in January of this year, when Bitcoin was trading at twice the price it currently is and the hardware was in strong demand.

European Union closes deal and moves forward with cryptocurrency regulation

Ysaac Lacerda July 04, 2022

World's third-largest economy wants regulation to protect investors and set strict standards for stablecoin issuers

Ethereum Successfully Forks and Prepares Sepolia Network to Test Big Merger

Helena Moura July 01, 2022

The difficulty bomb has been successfully delayed according to lead developer Tim Beiko and Ethereum ecosystem developer Nethermind.

Coinbase Seeks Aggressive European Expansion Amid Crypto Winter

Helena Moura July 01, 2022

Coinbase is already licensed to trade cryptocurrencies in the UK, Ireland and Germany.

Central Bank of Morocco incorporate project for cryptocurrencies

Helena Moura June 30, 2022

Morocco is joining the countries aiming to formally control the crypto sector, working on a regulatory framework to guide the market.

Cryptocurrency regulatory framework may be voted on this week

Helena Moura June 29, 2022

Approved by the Senate in April, Bill 4,401/2021 establishes guidelines for the “provision of virtual asset services” and is now awaiting a vote by the Chamber of Deputies.

Nubank Crypto: how to buy bitcoin and ether in the Nu app?

Helena Moura June 29, 2022

It is now possible to buy bitcoin and ether with Nubank Cripto, the new Nu app solution. Understand where to find these cryptocurrencies in the app and see what information is available about them.

Mercado Pago confirms enabling of cryptocurrency deposits in the app from this Monday

Helena Moura June 28, 2022

Cryptocurrency deposit service in the Mercado Pago app from external addresses is “progressively being offered to users”, according to a note sent by the company’s press office to Cointelegraph Brasil.

HTC launches metaverse smartphone with cryptocurrency wallets and NFTs

Helena Moura June 28, 2022

HTC's new smartphone can be used with a virtual reality headset

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