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$2.5B in NFT Mint In 2022 First Half

DeFiYoGi August 09, 2022

A report recently published by NANSEN shows interesting numbers and positions that I decided to share with you all this week.

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NFT - Featured Movement In Recent Days

DeFiYoGi August 02, 2022

The second half of July had a brief recovery concerning the Market Cap of the NFTs market. There were interesting moves, and this week we will bring the main ones and their collections.

#nft #art #bitcoin #eth #crypto

Conventional Art and NFT

DeFiYoGi July 26, 2022

This week we will understand the art world, which plays an essential role in the existence and development of the NFT world.

#nft #art #bitcoin #manifesto

NFT Market Valuation

DeFiYoGi July 19, 2022

In this weekly report, we have noticed the NFT market behavior in terms of transaction volume over the last 12 months, indicated it reached the lowest trading volume since July 2021.

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